Ferrovial and Enagás undertake an agreement to jointly foster biogas projects

Press releases

  • The companies will analyze opportunities to promote, develop and operate biogas plants.
  • This alliance stems from Ferrovial’s strategy to develop waste-to-energy businesses under a circular economy model.
  • The agreement is part of Enagás’s commitment to the development of non-electric renewable energy, such as hydrogen and biogas/biomethane, as vital new energy solutions in the decarbonization process.

Ferrovial and Enagás have signed a collaboration agreement to explore opportunities in biogas production and distribution. The two companies will analyze projects to develop and operate plants in which biogas generated in waste-to-energy facilities managed by Ferrovial will be converted into biomethane.

Biogas contributes to the circular economy as it is the result of a proper waste recovery. Biogas is a renewable gas generated by the anaerobic decomposition of wastewater and municipal, agricultural, livestock and forestry solid waste. Biogas can be upgraded  to biomethane, a renewable energy that can be directly injected into piped gas networks or used in the manufacturing sector or as alternative fuel for vehicles.

The agreement evidences both companies’ commitment to the circular economy. For Ferrovial, it means a step forward in the development of new businesses related to waste-to-energy processes to obtain sustainable energy. Enagás supports the development of non-electric renewable energy (biogas/biomethane and hydrogen) as vital energy solutions in the decarbonization process.


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