Ferrovial successfully places a 5-year 500 million euro bond issue paying 3.375%

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Viaducto de Montabliz
Today Ferrovial completed the pricing process for a 500 million euro bond issue maturing in 2018. The bonds will pay an annual coupon of 3.375%. Demand of the company’s first issuance of corporate bonds exceeded 5.59 billion euro. The capital raised will be used for the early repayment of corporate debt.
Today Ferrovial has successfully completed the pricing process for a 5-year 500 million euro senior bond issue. It was closed at 240 basis points over midswap, with a coupon of 3.375%. Demand exceeded 5.59 billion euro, with an oversubscription of more than 11 times the final amount, from over 400 investors. Ernesto Lopez Mozo, Ferrovial's CFO, said: "With demand over 5.59 billion euro, investors have shown broad support for this issue, due to the quality of our assets. The transaction reinforces our strategy of obtaining funding from the capital markets instead of banks." With a very diversified order book, the deal was extremely well received by international investors. A total of 93% of the issue was placed outside Spain, primarily in Germany, France, United Kingdom and Switzerland. The operation will yield net funds of 496.2 million euro and is expected to be closed and paid up by 30 January. The issue will trade on the London Stock Exchange and will likely get the same “investment grade” rating that Ferrovial holds. The funds will be used to optimise Ferrovial's financial structure by amortising part of the corporate debt and improving the maturities profile. The largest upcoming maturities fall due in 2015 and 2018.


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