Ferrovial and Málaga City Government sign an agreement to improve energy efficiency

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Ferrovial Servicios and the Málaga City Government today signed an agreement to develop projects to enhance the city's energy efficiency, in cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Ferrovial Servicios will join forces with the Málaga City Government on a research project which aims to improve energy management of the city and its public buildings using new technologies. Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Málaga, and Santiago Olivares, Managing Director of Ferrovial Servicios, today signed an agreement to test prototypes and pilot projects with a view to reducing buildings' energy consumption and improving their energy efficiency. This initiative, in which the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will also participate, is part of Málaga's commitment to applying new technologies at all levels of management, advancing with the Málaga Smart City concept and reducing costs without jeopardising living standards. The municipality will not incur any costs as a result of the agreement signed with Ferrovial, which will focus on two main lines of action. Firstly, Ferrovial and the City Government will contribute resources to develop an automatic street light measurement system, the results of which will be used to improve maintenance and reduce energy consumption. Secondly, both parties will work on the creation of a system which takes thermal infrared images of public buildings with a view to evaluating energy losses and determining ways to reduce them. The agreement will enable the Málaga City Government to advance with its Sustainable Energy Action Plan, improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewables. Ferrovial is implementing an innovation strategy based on an open approach involving cooperation with public administrations, universities, technology centres and companies. The company signed a 5-year agreement with Massachusetts Institute of Technology to undertake research projects related to city transformation and infrastructure development, to improve buildings' energy efficiency and to optimise street lighting.


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