Ferrovial and Fundación Adecco foster transition to work and society of the disabled

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The Family Plan addresses family members of Ferrovial employees

Ferrovial and Fundación Adecco have signed an agreement to coordinate actions to foster the transition to work and society of disabled family members of Ferrovial employees.

The Family Plan initiative is aimed at helping disabled family members of Ferrovial employees to obtain sufficient independence and the necessary resources to actively seek employment.

The project envisages training, information and job orientation seminars as well as the active search for stable employment, considering their situation and needs. The programme also involves organising and performing other leisure and sport activities that foster the transition to society of the disabled.

The agreement was signed by Emilio Zurutuza, President of Fundación Adecco para la Integración Laboral, and Joaquín Ayuso García, CEO of Ferrovial.

According to Joaquín Ayuso, CEO of Ferrovial, the agreement is the result of Ferrovial´s commitment to initiatives that foster the transition to society and work of the disabled and disadvantaged. This commitment is even stronger when we try to facilitate this task for family members of our employees. I trust that both organisations interest and good work enable us to develop this programme and pursue other social development initiatives in the medium and long term.

For Emilio Zurutuza, President of Fundación Adecco, the fact that a company like Ferrovial is concerned about the transition to work of the disabled is a significant event for Fundación Adecco. This should serve as an example for the industry since Ferrovial has been implementing corporate responsibility policies for a very long time.


Ferrovial is one of Europe´s largest construction groups in terms of profitability and market capitalisation and it has over 45,000 employees.

In 1952, Ferrovial was incorporated as a construction company. Fifty years later, it is a group with significant presence in the construction, infrastructure concession (toll roads, airports and car parks), property and services markets in numerous countries in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

For the third year running, Ferrovial forms part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, one of the world´s leading corporate responsibility indexes (economic, environmental and social aspects). It also has a Strategic Community Action Plan, which includes employment programmes for the disabled or people at risk of social exclusion and programmes with employees aimed at facilitating community action among them.

Fundación Adecco para la Integración Laboral

Created in July 1999, Fundación Adecco constitutes the social responsibility assumed by Adecco as the world´s leading human resources management in relation to disadvantaged groups. Its main purpose is to introduce, into the labour market, people with difficulties in finding a job because of their circumstances.

This foundation has support from Adecco, which operates through seven human resources companies in Spain and has 300 branches throughout the country. It is currently implementing a transition-to-work programme for the unemployed aged over 45, the disabled, women with dependants, and ex-sportspeople.


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