Ferrovial, together with France Telecom, Motorola, and Wafabank, prequalified for Moroccos second mobile telephone license.

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Uni2Ferrovial, together with France Telecom, Motorola, and Wafabank, prequalified for Moroccos second mobile telephone license. Ferrovial, together with France Telecom, Motorola, and Wafabank, has been prequalified for the invitation to bid for Moroccos second GSM license. The "Agence Nationale de Réglémentation des Télécommunications" of the Kingdom of Morocco has made the file of the bid conditions available to possible bidders. The consortium, which will participate in the concession under the name of Badilcom, estimates that it will present its bid in the next eight weeks. A group formed by France Telecom, Motorola, and Ferrovial Telecomunicaciones holds a 71% stake in the consortium. The remaining 29% corresponds to the stake of the local member, the financial firm Wafabank. Even so, in the coming weeks, the consortium will incorporate a group in representation of the main local businesses. Ferrovial Telecomunicaciones, on its part, will maintain a 10% stake. Leadership and Experience The Badilcom consortium combines experience, specialisation, substantial economic and financial capability and significant penetration into the Moroccan market - all key elements to successfully compete in this bidding. France Telecom and Motorola provide their leadership and experience in the telecommunications market. France Telecom, the largest international telephone communications operator, in recent years has aimed its foreign development strategy towards Southern Europe and the Mediterranean area. Morocco is, therefore, one of the priority markets for this French group, which has more than 9 million subscribers in 25 countries, 10 of which in Europe. Motorola, on its part, is a world leader in integral communications and electronic solutions and has ten years of experience in the Moroccan market. Motorola will continue reinforcing its presence in this strategic country, as well as in the African continent and in the Middle East, by managing several contracts in the area of mobile telephone communications. Ferrovial brings to the consortium its experience in infrastructure development in Morocco it is working on the construction of a 60 km. highway between Casablanca and Settat and in the telecommunications market, where, through Ferrovial Telecomunicaciones, it is participating in Ono, with 17.6%, and in Uni2, with 7%. Ferrovial is examining in Morocco and its area of influence other development possibilities within its strategic areas, mainly infrastructure, water, and service concessions. Wafabank is one of the most important private financial firms in Morocco. In addition to providing the consortium with market knowledge, it has been working for years with France Telecom on different projects. Well-known members The relations between the consortium members in similar experiences guarantee, in turn, good understanding among members of the group; in addition to the agreements between France Telecom and Wafabank, which go back to 1997, the French group and Motorola are members of the consortium that holds the GSM telephone license concession in Egypt, and Ferrovial is working together with France Telecom on a common project, Uni2, the third largest fixed telephone communications operator in Spain. In fact, Ferrovial will take advantage of the members potential in the telecommunications market to take part in upcoming invitations to tender in Spain and abroad.


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