Alejandro de la Joya: “Peru has the ingredients to become an important market”

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Alejandro de la Joya

“Perú en la agenda global” took place on March 1 at the Casa de América de Madrid (American House of Madrid) as the Peruvian President visited Spain.

The ceremony was led by Peruvian Foreign Minister, Néstor Popolizio, and they discussed the perspectives of Spanish companies in the Andean country according to the challenges and opportunities posed by its strategic agenda.

On the last years Peru has grown above the average of South America, increasing its middle class and becoming one of the Andean region’s engines. With a GDP growth rate close to 4% and an infrastructure plan foreseeing an inversion of 160 000 million dollars until 2025, Peru is an attractive market for Cintra.

In this forums presentation, Néstor Popolizio stated that the potential bilateral agreements between Peru and Spain have still not been exploited to its fullest. On his behalf, Alejandro de la Joya, Managing Director of Cintra, commented that Peru has to invest in new infrastructure to keep growing and that Ferrovial wants to get more involved in this country.

“Peru has the necessary ingredients to become an important market. We are seeing airport and road projects. We are going to invest in its future”

Alejandro de la Joya stated that, even if Ferrovial’s interest to invest in this country is high, we still need our first success story in Peru, hoping for that to happen in 2019 or 2020.

“If we see that the project is profitable, we’ll continue”

Alejandro de la Joya

Although he acknowledged some problems in the development of infrastructures in urban environments (affected services and expropriations), De la Joya concluded that the Peruvian government is working in the right line to solve these problems.

Cintra opened an office in Peru as an opportunity to co-invest in projects with the government. Since then, the company has invested in engineering and human capital, studying and analyzing many construction and granting projects.

We must highlight the fact that Ferrovial has invested more than a million euro in cooperation activities for development in Peru, which has benefited 26,361 people. 


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