The 407 ETR Gives One Year of Traveling to the Family of a Baby Born on the Highway

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407 ETR Cintra Familia bebe nace Autopista Canada
  • The family was on their way to the hospital when the mother gave birth on the  road 
  • The company has also given them check to cover the cost of car seats for the newborn and its siblings. 


Cintra’s iconic 407 ETR highway in Canada experienced something unique in May: the birth of baby Nova Marie Campbell; the family was on their way to the hospital on that road at the time of delivery. 

The 407 has given the family a year of free travel on the highway and a check to buy safety seats for the newborn and its siblings, underscoring the importance of road safety at such a crucial time. 

It all happened on May 10, while the family was on their way to the hospital to give birth to their third child. They didn’t get there on time, so they stopped along the road, and the delivery took place with the help of a 911 operator.  

“The Campbell family showed incredible strength in a high-stress situation, and we’re all very excited that the mother and baby are in perfect condition.” 

Javier Tamargo, CEO and president of 407 ETR. 

“It’s not every day that we can be part of stories like this, and we want to congratulate them by giving them this pass so they can travel with their family safely.” 

Javier Tamargo, CEO and president of 407 ETR. 

The company wants to highlight the special importance of road safety with this gift to the family. 



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