'Almería parks and gardens', an app for incident reporting and biological pest control in parks and gardens


Almeria Parks and Gardens app to help with biological pest control


Ferrovial Services has created an innovative mobile app called ‘Almería Parks and Gardens’, the aim of which is to manage incidents in parks and gardens and carry out biological pest control as required in the city of Almería, in the south of Spain.

The initiative, which has been developed together with the City Council, provides citizens with full information on Almería’s parks and gardens, including events to be staged in such public spaces and a section for reporting incidents.

The list of parks and gardens provides relevant information on each location, up-to-date images of green areas, their situation on the map, the possibility of calculating the best route for getting there, and any upcoming events to be held.

The screen for real-time incident reporting allows residents to report any incidents, while sending the relevant GPS location and giving the option of attaching a photograph to aid identification.

Pest control

Parks and gardens are currently adapting to a new, more environmentally and city friendly approach, a change which is driven by the reduction in active chemical products allowed by law for pest control.

Basically, a conservation approach to pest control is now applied, which favours biological pest control. This means that the area’s environmental biodiversity is safeguarded in such a way that pests and beneficial insects, for example, develop together so that a balance is reached between pests and their natural enemies.

Another model for conservation pest control is by introducing beneficial insects into the environment, when such introduction is considered necessary.

The use of integrated pest control in parks and gardens is growing. Its efficiency and ease of management make it socially, financially and environmentally more sustainable. It comes at no greater cost than when using chemical products and, from a technical point of view, biological control is more effective.

Ferrovial Services is committed to implementing these methodologies in public parks and gardens, for example in the Parque de las Familia’s (Family Park) in Almería, in historical National Heritage gardens, in various botanical gardens, and in gardens and trees planted along streets and avenues in different cities.


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