AmeyCespa signs waste facility contract with Milton Keynes Council


Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park, Old Wolverton industrial area Milton Keynes Council has formally awarded the contract to design, build and operate a state-of-the-art waste treatment facility in the borough to AmeyCespa, Ferrovial Services subsidiary, with an official signing. The facility Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park – will deal with household “black sack” waste, the rubbish that’s left over after recycling. It will also treat some commercial waste, which is the rubbish created in offices, shops and restaurants. AmeyCespa has submitted a planning application to build the new facility in the Old Wolverton industrial area, on the site of a former distribution centre.If approved, the facility will provide a significant saving on the council’s current waste management bill and bring considerable environmental benefits. Combined with Milton Keynes Council’s existing recycling schemes, the new facility will result in only around 2% of all the borough’s household waste being sent to landfill. The facility will bring together three different technologies to further treat any waste which has not been reused, recycled or composted, in the following ways:
  • Mechanical treatment technology will extract recyclable materials from black sack waste, which means they can then be reprocessed into new products
  • An anaerobic digestor will treat any food or organic waste left in black sacks, in turn creating renewable energy and a compost-like material for use on brownfield sites
  • An advanced thermal treatment facility will turn any remaining, unrecyclable waste into a gas, which is combusted to generate high temperature steam which then creates electricity in a turbine
These technologies will help extract additional recyclable materials, as well as create renewable electricity - enough to power the equivalent of 11,000 homes, similar to the number in Wolverton and Newport Pagnell combined.


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