New automatic crash cushion and signage deployment system in the UK


Image of 'Automated Lane Closure System' in which a vehicle safely picks up road signs

Amey‘s new ‘Automated Lane Closure System’ is a vehicle-mounted system for safely deploying and picking up crash cushions and related signage. This avoids the need for workers to exit the vehicle during this operation, which reduces the accident rate.

The automated lane closure system deploys a crash cushion on the ground, enabling the vehicle to be removed entirely from the scene, so that no worker needs to remain on site. The system can deploy multiple crash cushions along a site, and can also replace the cone taper that is used conventionally.

Since the crash cushion is deployed on the ground, the vehicle and its occupant do not need to remain on site. The goal is to remove workers from hazardous situations while providing a high level of safety for the people further up the network.

Innovation in road maintenance

Ferrovial Services is working constantly to improve safety for its road maintenance crews, and has a range of initiatives, tools and devices that aim to greatly reduce workplace accident rates. In all its geographies, the company is working to create a safe environment for workers on the road.

In Spain, with startup Secmotic, Ferrovial Services has developed SAMIC, a lane invasion alert system that warns road upkeep and maintenance staff if a vehicle invades their work area, enabling them to stay safe. In Poland, it has developed an app called Skopi to warn drivers of road works along their route. Drivers who use the app on the road receive a notification in the form of an image and a vibration on their mobile phones whenever they approach an area where road works are being carried out.


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