Broadspectrum Awarded a Contract to Improve the Public Lighting Network in Dunedin, New Zealand


Night image of a Dunedin street, New Zealand

Broadspectrum was recently awarded a contract with the Dunedin City Council to install LED lights on the public lighting network for the New Zealand city.

The agreement, valued a little over €12 million ($20 million AUD) with a duration of 7 years, includes installation and, once finished, maintenance work for lighting in Dunedin.

This update to the lighting aims to replace the current lights that are nearing the end of their useful life. The new system will expand roadway safety, as the LED lights will improve visibility in addition to lowering electrical usage and energy costs. It is expected that the installation will be completed between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, including installing the LEDs, replacing the light posts, and their subsequent maintenance.

Dunedin is located in southern New Zealand. The contract will allow Broadspectrum to situate itself in a region of the country where there is great potential for growth and where it can create a structure in the area and have room to develop.

Broadspectrum’s Recent Allocations

Recently, Broadspectrum has been a contract worth $140 million AUD (approximately €88 million) with the BP Kwinana company to offer maintenance, transformation, and construction services at the biggest refinery in Australia. In addition, the company, through the subsidiary Easternwell, has signed a contract with Tri-Star Petroleum to provide camp administration and drilling services at gas extraction facilities in Queensland.


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