Cintra shows commitment to innovation in roads with new app for toll payments


Cintra shows commitment to innovation in roads with launch of new app

Satelise, the new app that facilitates toll payments on highways, was launched on Friday April 22 in Autema. Coinciding with Saint George’s Day and throughout the weekend, Cintra filled Sant Cugat, Terrassa and Manresa with yellow flowers to give to potential users of this app and thus celebrate the launch of Satelise. This was just one of the actions of the campaign “Bring forward moments with Satelise!” which intends to publicize this new dynamic payment method in Autema.

Autema is the first Cintra concession to use this system that allows users to pay their tolls with a single click. For this day, our highway was decorated with stickers on the new app in all tollbooths. In addition, a team of attendants located in the busiest areas and at highway tolls were telling customers the main advantages of Satelise through explanatory brochures and videos; however, you could only get a yellow rose or a Cintra charger after downloading the app.

According to José Espinosa, Director of Autema, “This application shows Cintra’s commitment to innovation in roads, we are always searching for new contributions to our business. Moreover, from the user’s point of view, it favours the use of electronic payment in Autema”.

Furthemore, he added that he has no doubt about the success of this initiative, which “will be the beginning of a global project that may be implemented in other concessions and even exported to other lines of business.” And he took the opportunity to congratulate the entire team involved in the development and implementation of Satelise.

Satelise is an app that facilitates toll payments on highways with an intuitive and user-friendly system through a smartphone. With just 4 clicks you can start using the app and get discounts, so far, in Autema. It works likes a Vía-T device but without any cost, as the app is free.

Based on satellite positioning, it does not require physical infrastructure to be deployed or for any equipment to be installed in the vehicle. Its main advantage over the Via-T is its zero maintenance cost and it gets rid of additional devices. In addition, as a differential value its convenience for the user stands out, who should not stop on the road to make payment.

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