Coffer Countdown concludes at Northern Line Extension in the United Kingdom


Coffer Countdown concludes at Northern Line Extension in the United Kingdom

The Northern Line Extension Battersea team have reached an exciting milestone, completing the installation of the architectural soffit panels. These precast panels form part of the finished ceiling of the ticket hall.

The first panel was received on site on 24 April 2018, and over the last 10 months the team have received 46 deliveries, a total of 92 panels. This was a meticulous process to ensure no damage was caused to the panels as these are a finished feature that passengers will see when the station opens.

Before being lifted into position, the joiners attached a temporary works hanging steel bracket system to each panel, which enabled them to be suspended in position.

Each panel, weighing up to 11.82 tonnes, was supported by 4 individual brackets fixed to the panels by threaded bars, the brackets then rested on the propping beams, holding them in place while the topping slab is poured. Once the slab reached design strength, the brackets were removed and reused on other panels.

“Despite the challenges, this was an immensely rewarding part of the civil works phase. To have installed what is essentially the most visible architectural feature of the station’s interior without a hitch, through an incredibly demanding and precise process. I am tremendously proud to have been involved in this piece of work and truly thankful to every individual who helped us achieve this, Battersea has never looked so good!”

Battersea team of the Northern Line extension has completed the installation of architectural soffit panels

“This piece of work is a shining example of the collaboration, innovation and hard work that the NLE team consistently deliver. Congratulations to all involved. I am looking forward to seeing the progress on site and the development of our people as we move into the next phase of works.”

Now that Battersea is entering the fit-out phase, the teams will be working on the GRC paneling that will also be adjacent to the coffered slabs. Further current work fronts include blockwork and the final rail installation in the crossover box, which is due for completion in the coming 2 months.


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