Construction work resumes on access to La Sagrera Station in Barcelona


An aerial view of the La Sagrera Station in Barcelona
The Minister of Development, Iñigo de la Serna, accompanied by the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Julio Gómez-Pomar; President of the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures -ADIF, Juan Bravo Rivera; General Director of Operations and Construction at ADIF, Isabel Pardo de Vera; and the Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, Janet Sanz; all visited the La Sagrera Station access works on April 12th in order to supervise the resumption of the project being carried out by Ferrovial Agroman.  Representing Ferrovial Agroman during the visit were Juan Lozano, Director of Civil Works; Fernando Mª López Bueno, Director of Railways and Transportation; Miguel Angel Valencia, Manager; and Pablo Ayala, Manager of the UTE (temporary consortium).  The project plans to build accessways to the future La Sagrera Station in the city of Barcelona, and includes platform works that will be necessary for the installation of wide rails International Union of Railways (UIC) as well as the necessary infrastructure for conventional gauge tracks of the Vilanova-Mataró and Vilafranca-Maçanet lines belonging to the Rodalies de Cataluña network.  At the same time, a logistics area will be built for the maintenance of high-speed trains, equipped with 5 platforms of variable length, along with the infrastructure necessary to house a bus parking area.  Once the railway corridor has been reorganized, an urban development project will be undertaken with regard to the area affected by the works in such a way that both sides of the city of Barcelona that are currently separated by the corridor will be connected. 
“These construction works are of great importance for the city of Barcelona ​​especially for the districts of Sant Martí and Sant Andreu. Currently, the railway corridors represent a huge scar that divides the neighbourhoods of Sant Martí and La Sagrera. In addition, the new station will increase the limited capacity of the current Sants Station” according to Pablo Ayala. 
You can learn more about Ferrovial Agroman by following this link.


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