FBSerwis develops a mobile app to improve safety in road maintenance work


Road in Gdansk Poland

FBSerwis, the Polish subsidiary of Ferrovial Services, has developed SKOPI, an app to raise awareness among Polish drivers and improve the safety of road maintenance operators as part of the ‘Slow Down! We are working for you.’ initiative. The app operates inside Yanosik, Poland’s most widely-used navigation app. Drivers who use SKOPI on the road will receive a notification in the form of an image and a vibration on their mobile phones each time they approach an area where road works are being carried out.

FBSerwis employees upload the location and type of maintenance works they are performing into SKOPI. This enables them to specify the speed limit and risks for drivers in relation to the works, which will be notified through the app. Once the works are finished, the notification is removed.

The app is part of the “Slow Down! We are working for you.” initiative launched by FBSerwis. The company intends to raise awareness among Polish drivers about the hazards posed by road works and the risks that workers face when performing maintenance works if drivers breach the traffic regulations. In a survey conducted by the company, only 13% of drivers say they consider road maintenance works as a serious threat.

Road maintenance in Poland

FBSerwis recently signed an agreement with Poland’s General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways to undertake maintenance of 179 kilometres of roads in Lubuskie province, Zary region. The company is also in charge of maintaining more than 1,300 kilometres of roads in Poland, including the A1 and S-7 toll road, as well as the road network of Gdansk province.

To learn more about Ferrovial’s commitment to health and safety, click here.


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