Ferrovial Agroman Chosen for Subterranean Construction Work on the Station at Murcia El Carmen, Barriomar, and Nonduermas


Image of train tracks and railway station

The contract is comprised of underground construction work for Nonduermas and for the station at El Carmen and Barriomar, with the aim of adapting the current railway corridor and moving it underground in order to implement high-speed services.

This would make it compatible with other types of transportation, as well as the construction of a new station that will service the new tracks. The project budget awarded to Ferrovial Agroman and Acciona Infraestructuras amounts to €158.8 million, and the period for completion is 36 months.

Underground construction on Nonduermas

The projected layout, which will be completed over a period of 27 months, has a length of 2,503 m, with a platform for a two-way, high-speed track. The layout is divided into 5 sections and includes setting up two tracks, one of UIC width and the other of varying width.

Underground construction on the station at El Carmen and Barriomar

Work on the station at El Carmen and Barriomar involves the construction of a 2,830 m section underground, from the los Miajas track in the Nonduermas-Barriomar area to the connection with construction currently underway around Santiago El Mayor and Senda de los Garres, with a completion period of 36 months.

The project includes building a new station located on the concrete cover for the cut and cover tunnel that will house the underground tracks for Medium and Long Distance Cercanías trains. The projected building, which covers an area of about 4,400 m2, will replace the current one, which will be used for different purposes at the same site.

Image of a railway station project

The entire section from the start to the station consists of a double track, one of mixed width and one of standard width, while up to 7 tracks, 4 of standard width and 3 of varying width, have been planned around the station.

The project also provides for building emergency exits at most every 1,000 meters along the underground section, while at the station they will be located every 100 m, as well as the set-up slab tracks by installing 60 kg/m rail, multipurpose sleepers, and 19 track devices.

Using the BIM methodology

Due to the complexity and uniqueness of construction, BIM methodology was used during the bidding process for detailed analysis of project milestones, including both construction processes as well phases when project development should take place. In addition, Ferrovial Agroman proposed continued use of this methodology throughout the construction phase in the bidding documents. This proposal was successfully secured by the contracting authority – ADIF – which was reflected in the excellent technical assessment obtained.


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