Ferrovial Agroman presents REOLOGIC project for large-scale civil engineering projects


data collection projexct reologic ferrovial agroman
The data collection project is fostered by Ferrovial Agroman's R&D Department together with Technical Office, and will be developed on site at Scotland's M8 M73 M74 highways. It also includes the collaboration of investigators from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Fundación Agustín de Betancourt. The main objective of this project is to develop a new concept in terms of design and control procedures, implementing on site a new data collection and measurement high technology system set, and sound scanning the contention structures to allow real time information and register deformities. All these registrations will be used to generate a predictive fluency model to infer future phenomena in contention elements. The ground's material reology causes an evolution in the geomechanical characteristics of the environment, which may evolve into possible deformities in the slopes and contention structures, which may compromise their stability and safety. In order to try to understand this evolution and phenomena, Reologic is developing:
  • Calculations and definition of bolts during their whole lifespan
  • Real- time monitoring of deformities.
  • Evolution and monitoring of resistance characteristics of bolts through their whole lifespan.
Contention structures are necessary in many civil engineering constructions (roads, rails, hydraulic, energetic…)  and are associated with holding slopes and other leveling plots and to limiting deformities in grounds and blocking rocks  that could cause damage in nearby structures and constructions. Underpass Raith in J5, M74 (Scotland's M8 M73 M74 highways) will be the scenery for instrumentation and data collection, basic for sound scanning  and validation of the model. Benefits:
  • Understanding the adequate performance and evolution of the resistance properties of bolts with time and influence factors.
  • Improving the design possibilities of rock bolt in the long term, taking into account the type and quality of the rock.
  • Having simple or complex tools to analyze, in terms of numbers, these phenomena.   .
  • Optimization of resources in contention constructions.
Improved technical competence and economical competitiviy during design phase and construction  by having an adequate and efficient analysis process based on the experimental data.


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