Ferrovial Agroman Shares Its Experience Using the BIM Methodology in Construction Work on Accesses to the Sagrera Station


The project on accesses to the La Sagrera Station (Barcelona), was presented as a practical example of efficient implementation of the BIM methodology in construction in an event organized during the Confederación Asturiana de la Construcción – Asprocon.

The presentation of a real case of applying BIM methodology to infrastructure construction, which was organized by the College of Engineers of Roads, Canals and Ports of Asturias, took place at the Headquarters for the Confederación Asturiana de la Construcción (CAC – Asprocon), where construction on accesses to the La Sagrera station in Barcelona was given as a success story.

In attendance at the presentation was Ferrovial Agroman, with participation from Pablo Ayala, Manager of UTE Obras for access to la Sagrera; Isabel Gutierrez, Coordinator for BIM Implementation on Civil Engineering projects; and Elisabeth Ramos, BIM Project Manager. Representatives from Ineco and Buhodra Ingeniería also took part in the conference.

Pablo Ayala, manager of UTE, along with Alberto Alcañiz, Director of Construction at Ineco, explained the technical details of the work, as well as the uses of BIM in managing it, highlighting how using this working methodology facilitates the integration of the UTE team and the other actors involved in the project.

Isabel Gutiérrez began by presenting Ferrovial Agroman’s experience in implementing BIM in civil engineering projects, giving different examples of projects that are both completed and currently underway in Spain and Portugal. The practical, day-to-day vision of the project was provided by Elisabeth Ramos, BIM Manager on the project, who detailed the different uses of the methodology in this particular construction project, as well as the objectives, workflows, and benefits reaped through interdepartmental collaboration.

This construction project, located in the city of Barcelona, aims to create accesses to the future La Sagrera station, and it also includes carrying out tasks prior to the implementation of roadways meeting Unión Internacional de Ferrocarriles (UIC) widths, along with construction on infrastructure for preparing tracks of conventional width on the Vilanova-Mataró and Vilafranca-Maçanet lines.

Ferrovial Agroman continues to carry out its commitment to use and spread BIM, as the first major builder in Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Australia to obtain the Level 2 BIM certification by BSI®. This certification is an acknowledgment of the correct implementation of the processes and procedures of BIM methodology in the construction phase.


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