Ferrovial collaborates in a book published by MIT on strategic alliances between universities and large companies


How Universities and Corporations Can Work Together
The Innovation Directorate of Ferrovial, through Alberto López-Oleaga, Manuel Martínez and Ciro Acedo Boria, has participated in the elaboration of a book sponsored by MIT on collaboration between universities and large companies. The book tries to explain, through real examples, how to develop successful strategic alliances between universities and corporations, showing the good practices of some of the latter in this field. The book covers the whole cycle of a collaborative relationship between universities and large companies: choose the themes of collaboration, choose the partners, identify the cooperation formats that best fit the issues and the chosen partners, selection of people dedicated to managing such collaboration and evaluation of the relationship to make the decision to renew, cancel or modify it. Ferrovial contributes a chapter to the book in which its team recounts its experience creating and maintaining solid and long-term relationships with universities such as the one Ferrovial has maintained for years with MIT and the University of Alcalá (Ci3). In addition to Ferrovial, the book has the participation of other major companies such as BMW, Siemens, IBM, Novo Nordisk, Rolls Royce and Facebook among others. In addition, our colleague Ciro Acedo participated in a meeting organized at MIT where he presented the chapter written by Ferrovial. The publication of the book is scheduled for March 2018 by Elsevier. Meanwhile, those responsible for the book along with MIT professor Fiona Murray, have written an article explaining the content of the book that has just been published in the Sloan Management Review. This article can be read here.


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