Ferrovial Looks to the Future of Mobility at the Digital Enterprise Show 2021


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  • Andrés Camacho, Javier Lázaro, Gonzalo Velasco, and Rafael Fernández shared their ideas on the panel ‘Towards a Digital and Sustainable Mobility’ at the Digital Enterprise Show 2021
  • They highlighted some key ideas for the company, such as VTOLs, Digital Twins, and Mobility as a Service, to name a few

The Digital Enterprise Show 2021 took place on May 18, 19, and 20; this show is the leading international event that focuses on new trends and digital transformation among companies.

One of the key aspects addressed during the conference was mobility. Four professionals from Ferrovial participated in the discussion section, Towards a Digital and Sustainable Mobility:” Andrés Camacho, Director of Mobility, Gonzalo Velasco, Director of Innovation and Business Plan at Ferrovial Airports, Rafael Fernández, Director of Innovation and Processes, and Javier Lázaro, director of the Digital Hub.

During the session, they talked about the digital and sustainable mobility of the future and how technology will play a major role in that.

They highlighted some of the company’s key projects in this area, such as Wondo’s Mobility as a Service platform, which brings together various public and private mobility options in the same app to get the most efficient, affordable, and sustainable route for users.

“Our mobility is changing, and sustainability is a must. Data, digital technologies, and new trends are the tools we have to create this new, sustainable, user-centered mobility.”

They also spoke about the AIVIA project on developing 5G roads in partnership with Microsoft, 3M, and Kapsch TrafficCom. The goal is to create highways where self-driving and conventional vehicles can operate side by side.

“We’ve launched AIVIA. With our project, the idea is for current cars and new self-driving vehicles to coexist together. We have a platform that’s going to test this in the U.S.”

Another one of the mobility options that the company is committing to is the car-sharing service it has with Renault in its ZITY brand. They have implemented in the cities of Madrid and Paris and have gotten very positive responses from users.

“We are participating in our Zity service with Renault because we want to see what will happen in new mobility, how this sector grows, and how users behave.”

In terms of the airport sector, they noted very sustainable aviation, pointing out the level of carbon neutrality achieved by one of the company’s airports, Heathrow in London. They underscored the importance of the arrival of the new flying taxis (eVTOLs), which the company is investing in through infrastructure.

“We have reduced our environmental impact. For airports, we have achieved carbon neutrality, and we want all aviation to be sustainable: new propulsion technologies, electric vehicles like eVTOLs.”

They all mentioned mobility that is highly influenced by new digital trends and will be connected, autonomous, shared, and electric, with users at the heart of it all.

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