Ferrovial Joins the #GlobalGoalsPartners Campaign Promoted by the Red Española del Pacto Mundial


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  • The campaign’s aim is to act as a loudspeaker to amplify the movement and to spread the word and work on the 2030 Agenda.
  • Corporate management based on the SDGs creates new business opportunities, improves the relationship with stakeholders, and promotes innovation.

On the 4th anniversary of the approval of 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Ferrovial is joining the campaign #globalgoalspartners in order to work on spreading these Goals of the United Nations, in collaboration with the Red Española del Pacto Mundial, an initiative to which it belongs. The goal is to contribute through their own commitment to action with the SDGs by acting as a loudspeaker to amplify awareness and work on it.

In 2002, Ferrovial joined the UN Global Compact initiative, the world’s largest sustainability initiative. Since the 2015 approval of the 2030 Agenda, along with its commitment to supporting the Ten Principles, it has worked on aligning its corporate management with the SDGs, thereby finding new business opportunities, improving its relationship with stakeholders, and promoting innovation.

As an infrastructure company, Ferrovial is aware of the significant role the 2030 Agenda plays. Following an exhaustive analysis, a series of commitments and good practices aligned with the strategy were set forth, which would primarily focus on Objectives 6, 9 and 11. Similarly, by joining forces and collaborating with other actors who are working in line with the sustainable development goals, and even before then, our plan in 2009 was aimed at the Millennium Development Goals.

“"We, the private sector, are ready to lead this initiative not only financially, but also by factoring our professional experience into the development and fulfillment of the objectives... Seven years ago, following the Millennium Development Goals, we decided to take action by creating the Social Infrastructure program. This program, where Ferrovial works alongside NGOs and local governments, focuses on creating easier access to water and sanitation for African and Latin American communities. We later realized that the program reflected a new way to meet basic needs and develop social projects based on our own business model. So it turned out to be an inevitable global alliance that is still working today”

The #globalgoalspartners initiative is articulated as a communication campaign coordinated by the Red Española del Pacto Mundial. Its launch coincides with the fourth anniversary of the approval of the 2030 Agenda on September 25, 2015, while the United Nations is holding a major international event to look back on the achievements of these four years and to launch new initiatives.

Through this sort of action, the Red Española del Pacto Mundial and its member organizations also seek to contribute to the country’s objective set by the High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda under the Presidency of the Government, which is that all citizens are familiar with the SDGs by 2020.

Boosting companies’ contribution to sustainable development

It has been four years since the United Nations General Assembly approved the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) unanimously with the 193 participating States, including Spain. “No one will be left behind” is the core of the agreement. The SDGs propose ending poverty and hunger, reducing inequalities, and addressing urgent challenges like climate change.

In order to achieve such an ambitious Agenda, participation from everyone was agreed upon: governments, businesses, civil society, and citizens all around the world. Its strength comes from the universal nature of the agreement and the ambition behind its 169 goals. Achieving them requires an unprecedented effort from all sectors of society, and businesses have a very important role to play in this regard. Achieving the SDGs requires combining momentum from the public sector, businesses, investors, and civil society.

For the first time, the United Nations is recognizing companies as a key player in achieving its Global Goals: “Business activity, investment, and private innovation are the big motors of productivity, inclusive economic growth, and job creation… We urge all companies to use innovation and creativity to address problems related to sustainable development,” the international body stated.

Red Española del Pacto Mundial

The UN Global Compact is an international initiative whose mission is to generate an international movement of sustainable businesses in order to create the world we want. Its strength lies in an unrivaled ability to unite businesses with other actors who are working to promote sustainable development: governments, civil society, and the United Nations. With more than 12,500 affiliated entities in more than 160 countries, it is the largest corporate social responsibility initiative in the world. It also has the UN’s mandate to promote Sustainable Development Goals in the private sector.

The United Nations Global Compact has been operating in Spain through the Red Española since 2004. It is the local network with the most signatories and is leading various UN Global Compact networks across the globe. It currently has 1,542 affiliated entities, of which 669 are partners.


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