Ferrovial marks World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017


World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017
The Company, which has renewed its commitment to creating risk-free environments, has received several awards in the past year for best practice on occupational safety.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017

Ferrovial marks World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017 with a renewed commitment to create risk-free work environments. To meet its “Target Zero” goal, the company carries out the following:
  • An appropriate organisational structure, up to the highest level of management, with a health and safety representative on all management committees.
  • Implementation of appropriate management systems in all business areas, which are closely monitored by the health and safety department and the workplace management team.
  • Implementation of minimum safety standards for each business area.
  • Training aimed at awareness-raising and staff involvement on health and safety issues.
  • A reporting system for Preventive Safety Observations, with internal safety inspections and audits in all workplaces.
  • A reporting system based on proactive as well as reactive indicators.
  • A commitment to innovation.
  • -A Road Safety Plan including actions for eliminating and acting on occupational risks deriving from the use of vehicles, as well as for increasing efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of work-related journeys and the commute to work.

What initiatives are ongoing within Ferrovial?

In Services, with the aim of promoting a culture of Safety and Health, the company promotes more than 10 awareness campaigns and different projects of technological innovation with projects such as the 'Safety Inteligent System' based on sensors to alert the worker of danger zones ; 'Near Miss Simulator' to simulate dangerous scenarios through virtual reality; or 'Smart Workwear' that uses wearable technology to monitor the physical well-being of workers.In terms of awareness, Spain promotes 'Vive Seguro' which revolves around safety in the professional and personal environment; The UK and Australia are launching programs called Skills, Support & Systems and Risk Control Effectiveness to raise awareness of occupational hazards. The United States, Chile and Poland promote campaigns like 'We're going home safe', 'Never Again' or 'Be Responsible for Me'. In Construction, implementation of the SAFE (Safety Awareness for Ferrovial Employees) programme continues. This aims to involve all workers in the improvement of health and safety conditions at construction sites, and includes top managers, who show leadership on safety issues through specific visits; middle managers, who are appointed safety champions and carry out SAFE observations; and operators, who, depending on work experience, make suggestions for improvement in working conditions or any new measures introduced. Additional activities, for example in Chile, involve a “Risk Aversion Test” aimed at identifying potential risk factors in reactions and performance of staff on site, using tools approved by the Chilean government, interviews and specific tests. Cintra is implementing the “Elige la dirección segura” (Take the safe route) campaign, which aims to raise awareness amongst staff on the importance of safe working practices. The campaign “Súmate a nuestra apuesta por la seguridad vial” (Join our commitment to road safety) aims to improve safety on the roads and raise awareness amongst companies, workers and users on the importance of good practice to reduce occupational road accident rates. Lastly, Ferrovial Corporation continues its Ferrovital Plan, a programme encompassing a variety of services aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of all Ferrovial staff.

Awards and recognitions

Throughout 2016, Ferrovial and its subsidiaries have received several awards for best practice on occupational safety. Amey has been distinguished for its “Target Zero” occupational safety campaign by HR Excellent Awards 2016. Ferrovial Agroman has received three awards from Chile’s Safety at Work Institute and Metro de Santiago for its contribution to the “Development of a Culture of Prevention” and “Best Practice in Occupational Health and Safety. In the United States, Webber has won the ARTBA Large Contractor Safety Award 2016, and the LBJ Express has been named “Best Global Project, Excellence in Safety”. Read more stories about Health and Safety at Ferrovial on our blog and on our Health and Safety page.


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