Ferrovial Will Be One of the Most Successful Companies in 2020, according to 'Successful Company Advice'


Ferrovial Will Be One of the Most Successful Companies in 2020, according to 'Successful Company Advice'

The study, conducted by Advice Strategic Consultants, released a ranking of companies that will be successful in the coming year, according to the parameters analyzed.

To categorize which companies will be successful in the next year, their contribution to the economy, social responsibility strategy, reputation, and relationships with social agencies and institutions were assessed. CaixaBank, Telefónica, and El Corte Inglés particularly stand out in the ranking, along with Inditex, Mercadona, Santander Bank, Iberdrola, Cellnex, and Ferrovial.

‘Successful Company Advice’

The study was conducted by surveying 2,400 SMEs and freelancers, 2,800 residents, and 1,000 opinion leaders. To this end, companies that will contribute the most to the recovery of Spanish finances were evaluated, as well as those that will strengthen and improve their reputation and those that will succeed in digital transformation, in public relations, and with interest groups. The study also weighed their significance in the economy, their approach to CSR, the quality of the products and services they offer, and the value of their innovation.

The complete list of the ten companies that will be most successful in 2020 includes: La Caixa Foundation (Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Leader); CaixaBank (Sector Leadership/Digital Banking/Management/Results/Sustainability); Telefónica Tech (Digitization, IT, with Telefónica Tech/Telefónica B2B Businesses); El Corte Inglés (Omnichannel, CSR, House Brands, Shopping Centers); Inditex (Internationalization, E-Commerce, Brands, and Results); Mercadona (Prices, White Labeling, shops); Santander Bank (Geographical Diversification/Internationalization); Iberdrola (Obtaining Results, Internationalization; Cellnex Telecom (European leadership, Management, Value for stockholders, and CSR); and Ferrovial (Internationalization, Business Diversification).


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