Ferrovial Services and Gamechangers & Cities present the 10 startups that will participate in the program


People at Gamechangers & Cities

The ten projects selected in the 1st edition of Gamechangers & Cities, the support program for socially-oriented entrepreneurship in sustainable cities organized by Ferrovial Services, UnLtd Spain and The Camilo José Cela University, have been announced.

The projects selected fall under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11, ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities,’ so the goal of these startups is to offer solutions with the aim of converting the cities of the future into safer, more affordable places, investing in public transit and green public spaces, and improving urban planning and management so that they are more participatory and inclusive.

The selection process for the winning startups consisted of 3 stages in which a jury of professionals from organizations like Ferrovial Services, Madrid’s City Council, La Bolsa Social, Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, ECODES, Bank of America, and the Camilo José Cela University selected the 10 winning startups from more than 100 candidates. When making their evaluations, the jury considered criteria such as the project’s innovation and social impact, economic sustainability, and its potential to carry out the startup on a larger scale; the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of the team; and the program’s potential for bringing value to the startup.

The 10 winning startups

  • Aiudo, which looks for the most suitable caregivers for the elderly, creating a more personalized caregiving experience.
  • Blind Explorer is an app that uses 3D sound and the latest satellite navigation technology to guide individuals with visual disabilities through open spaces.
  • De Piso en Piso, an online platform that lets the user rent rooms in shared apartments at a lower price in exchange for services, like keeping the elderly company, giving private classes, etc.
  • Feltwood, a startup that reuses agricultural vegetable waste to manufacture an industrial material that is eco-friendly and multipurpose with properties similar to those of plastic and wood.
  • Green Urban Data is software that monitors and analyzes ambient conditions to offer recommendations to stabilize the temperature of the surrounding area.
  • Nice to eat you, a digital platform where deals are published on food that business haven’t been able to sell, reducing food waste and saving you money.
  • Mensos is a sustainable delivery service that delivers merchandise by bicycle, contributing to improving traffic conditions and caring for the environment.
  • Ricircular, a platform that connects businesses to reuse and create value from waste such as primary materials, giving waste a new life, reducing costs, and creating a positive impact.
  • Recircup is a collaborative platform that incentivizes citizens in making decisions, inviting them to recycle in groups and to set goals, transforming recycling into a game.
  • Souji, a solution that converts used cooking oil into soap or multipurpose detergent.

As part of the “Gamechangers & Cities” program, each of the startups will receive mentoring from professionals at Ferrovial Services, as well as advice from Edmond de Rothschild, along with other advantages to promote and develop their projects in the arenas of social and environmental impact.


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