Ferrovial Services Debuts Machinery for the Cleaning Contract in Coria del Río


image of the new waste collection trucks from Coria del Rio

Ferrovial Services recently debuted the 10 new vehicles and tools in the fleet for road cleaning and waste collection services in the Sevillian municipality of Coria del Río.

New equipment includes three vacuum sweepers, one of which is 100% electric, four electric Goupils, two electric tricycles, a 3.5-ton tank truck, and electric trimmers and blowers.

The new machinery is more efficient and innovative, which is less polluting as it is electric and less noisy than previous models. Among other new features on this equipment, which is already in use on the streets of the Sevillian municipality, is a high-pressure, high-temperature polisher that thoroughly cleans the surface of the ground.

new waste collection trucks from Coria del Rio

Other improvements that have already been implemented in the service are the expansion of the workforce to 9 people; doubling bin service with a truck out for collection every day except Sunday; clearing campaigns; and, for the first time, waste collection in rural areas such as La Hermandad, Tixe, and Santa Isabel.

Service workers will soon have new work tools in addition to those described. A new afternoon review service with electric vehicles will be implemented, and areas for sweeping will be expanded.

Image of the Coria del Rio waste collection team

Environmental awareness campaigns will also be carried out, and existing containers will be replaced with 450 new containers for organic waste as well as selective collection, which will encourage recycling among the municipality’s residents.

In February, Ferrovial Services was awarded this contract in Coria del Río for the first time for a period of 8 years and an amount of over €18 million.


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