Ferrovial Serviços is awarded a new contract to turn Tomar into a Smart City


Photo of a square with a palace and a statue in the middle

Pioneering project for intelligent and connected public lighting comprising approximately 14 thousand lights in the City of Tomar.

Ferrovial Serviços and the Tomar City Council have recently signed a 16-year contract, called Tomar Smart City, which will make the city an example to follow in the intelligent management of resources and the territory, and in the involvement of citizens.

This is a Project that includes intelligent and connected public lighting, and the development of four pilots, specifically the monitoring of the use of fire hydrants, air and water quality, controlling the flooding of the Nabao River and the implementation of artificial intelligence software to manage the whole system. This software shall use a LoRaWAN network, which will be installed to manage all IoT communications.

The Tomar Smart City Project capitalises upon the savings to be secured through the use of an LED connected public lighting system, including approximately 14 thousand lights, which will finance the installation of an artificial intelligence solution to manage services throughout the City. Through a LoRaWAN communication network, which will cover all of the City, the Tomar City Council will not only control the various solutions developed as part of the Project but will also be able to add services to be developed and integrated in the future, according to the needs of citizens, departments and territory.

As a Company of international repute in the provision of end-to-end services for infrastructure and cities, and with the Centres of Excellence for Cities and Energy & FM, Ferrovial Serviços already has considerable experience in providing towns with solutions that allow them to increasingly respond to their citizens’ needs and turning them into Smart Cities.


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