Ferrovial Serviços develops urban mobility solutions with an innovation program in Lisbon


Mini Scooter E-Floater

Smart Open Lisboa‘ is a program of the City Council of Lisbon focused on the integration of innovative solutions to improve the life quality in Lisbon, and based by three investigation areas: Mobility, Housing and Tourism.

Ferrovial Serviços, as part of this initiative in Mobility area, has selected 3 startups – E-Floater, Cardio-ID and Eccocar – to develop pilot tests in the different contracts in which the company operates.

  • E-Floater (German start-up) is a solution for sharing electric mini-scooters to solve the connection between Technologic Campus – Lispolis and the Universidade Europeia. This electric mini-scooter is differentiated by its design, which gives it greater stability (3 wheels instead of 2), and by the operating model itself. Under the Z-floating name, this project will be available until March 2019. During the first three weeks of the pilot, Z-floater was used by more than 120 registered users, travelling around 300 times and has been a success.
  • Eccocar (Spanish start-up) is a mobility solution shared through a “corporate car-sharing” model. The project is being developed in 10 passenger vehicles from Ferrovial Serviços fleet, which are testing the technology, application and acceptance of this concept among its users. This project also intends to test developments to the application to incorporate the car-pooling options (sharing of the same vehicle by several coworkers who will travel to a common destination).
  • Cardio-ID (Portuguese start-up), which focuses on driver safety through the installation of an Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) in vehicles, was installed in Ferrovial Serviços fleet and has a heart rate monitoring system with alarms integrated in the steering wheels. It is a project that presents a solution with a high potential, not only in the strategic priority of Ferrovial’s Zero Harm strategy, but also in the systems that help to develop safer, more ecological and economic driving behaviors.

After the relevant tests during 2019 within the activity of Ferrovial Services, the pilots could be included in some of the contracts that the company is currently working in Portugal.

Mini Scooter E floater in Lisbon

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