Ferrovial’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme ‘Social Infrastructures’ awarded the Cinco Días prize for business innovation


Programa RSC Agua Ferrovial

The Cinco Días Award for business innovation has been given to Ferrovial for the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project (CSR) for its “social infrastructure” project. The jury praised the company who since 2011 has been working to improve and expand access to drinking water and basic sanitation amongst socially vulnerable groups in Africa and Latin America. The jury described the program as “a major project designed to facilitate access to a basic human need, water.” It has also highlighted the company’s implementation of corporate voluntary work, which ensures that the message is spread both to society and within the company itself.


The awards ceremony gala will take place in the CaixaForum building, Madrid on Wednesday the 28th October. At this event, Ferrovial will share the limelight with the company Genome Systems, a company dedicated to genetics and molecular research, and Torusware, spin-off of the University of A Coruña. The first will receive the award for the most innovative business project in the field of new technologies for their GeneProfile GeneSGKit technology, capable of diagnosing diseases which were impossible to categorize before and the second will be recognized for their efforts in developing technology that allows faster navigation with the prize for the most innovative entrepreneurial developments within a university.


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