HC INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL Opens Its New Facilities in Marbella, Built by Ferrovial Agroman


Image of HC International Hospital in Marbella new facilities built by Ferrovial Agroman

Ferrovial Agroman has opened the new facilities built for the HC International Hospital in Marbella, which involved adding 1,400 square meters to the basement level in the current building, where new care units will be located.

The health center, which specializes in oncological treatments, is adding new services, including diagnostic imaging units (the latest MRI technology, a mammary tomosynthesis device, CAT scanning, ultrasound equipment, and a conventional advanced radiology room), cardiac endovascular (consultation rooms and an operating room), and assisted reproduction and gynecology (operating room, consultation room, PARUs and a laboratory). All of this is in the Oncology area (with PET) and at the Day Hospital, which the company also built in 2012. The addition of new machinery and the expansion have made HC Marbella the private center with the most advanced technology in Andalusia.

The project, which opened last April, had to be completed while the center was still running, which made construction more difficult as it required expanding the height available on the basement level. By eliminating the existing struts, reinforcing footings and the foundation slab, pillars, and floor slabs, and adding special waterproofing, this was connected with the overall change to the telecommunications and electrical facilities, as well as the existing sanitation and plumbing.


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