I-77 tests latest "smart camera" technology on highway


I-77 cámaras inteligentes

The I-77 freeway will pilot a pioneering “smart camera” technology that uses artificial intelligence to alert and prevent potential accidents on the road.

This innovative road safety system uses machine vision technology to analyze algorithms and detect in real time anomalous patterns in the images captured by the camera. In this way, the control center is alerted whenever the images detect anomalies, i.e., events that do not correspond to everyday road use. Some of the incidents that can be detected by this camera are: vehicle stops, accidents, cars at reduced speeds, kamikaze cars, among others. All these risk situations are sent to the control center immediately, which facilitates rapid decision making and the activation of emergency and response protocols.

Increasing safety on the road

The use of these intelligent cameras produces an increase in safety, this technology allows to warn and warn the control center in advance of risk factors, even avoiding accidents or adopting preventive measures. With this innovative system, the highway increases its reaction capacity and reduces the response time to dangerous situations. “Intervention time is vital in traffic accidents, so gaining seconds can be synonymous with saving lives. In this sense, all technological advances that can be implemented in our assets must be tested and proven to see how they can improve the safety of all drivers, including our employees,” said José Espinosa, CEO of the concession.

Reduce response time

These Bosch MIC-7602-Z30GR cameras are part of a pilot project that will be carried out at I77 this year to measure the level of improvement in the control center’s response time. The goal of this pilot, after testing and verifying the level of incident detection, is to install several cameras along the corridor by the end of 2022. This technology will be implemented progressively, first installed on the sections of I-77 with the highest traffic volume, as these are the most accident-prone areas, as well as on the on- and off-ramps. Last year, the I77 control center team handled more than 2,200 incidents, 950 of which involved accidents in the corridor.

“The automation of incident detection is one of the features that will allow us to create safer highways thanks to new technologies. The digitization of certain processes will result in faster response times to assist drivers in critical moments. Any technological advance that can contribute to saving lives is at the core of our innovation efforts.”


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