Innovate Construction Awards winners 2021


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On December 21, the Innovate Construction Awards gala was held, the annual awards ceremony of the Construction division that recognizes innovative actions implemented on construction sites around the world. In this edition, and under the slogan ‘Think Big’, more than 120 proposals were received, reaching a magnificent level.

This year, awards were given to the most innovative projects and initiatives developed in 2021, both the best on-site innovations and the awards in the special categories aligned with the new Strategic Innovation Plan. In addition, as in previous years, awards were given for the Innovative Career, the Teo Álvarez Fadón Young Innovator Award, and the Best Project of the Year.

The winners are as follows:

Best Innovations on Site

  • Smart Formworks (Intelligent Formwork System) a joint initiative of the Railways department and the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. Winners: José Carlos Martínez Díaz, Borja Trashorras, Babken Ashot, Ignacio Tognaccini, Alejandro Blanch, and María Isabel Rodríguez.
  • Assembly Maneuver of the Concordia Bridge in Valdebebas, Maneuver of the Concordia Bridge in Valdebeas, Morning.  Winners: Juan José Sánchez, Carlos Bajo, Pablos Loscos, Enrique de los Reyes, Enrique Corrochano, Félix García Alcañiz, Ángel Contreras, Eutiquio Montes, Beatriz Moreno, and José Luis Ramos.
  • Foam Bitumen as part of the pavement strategy in Toowoomba Bypass Project.  Winners: Daniel Pérez, José Miguel San Millán, Antonio Vázquez, Enrique Sirvent, Francisco López, Gabriel Barbero, Borja Llanos, Grant Snelling, Carlos Ramos, José Manuel Lobera, Patricia Sánchez, and Manuel Calvo.
  • Connected Contract in the “VM20 Building” Chile. Winners: Alberto Toraya, José Pose, Pablo Latorre, Valentina Villanueva, Guillermo González, and Magdalena Valencia.
  • Digitised Risk Management tools – AI and integrated data management – for schedule performance, ITER & NLE. Winners: Xavier Ros, Juan Feijoo, Oriol Ribas, and Luis Rallo.
  • Integrated data management solutions HS2. Winners: Graham Starling, Christopher Couchman, Thomas Wicks, Carolina García López, Indi Vahra, and Tony Edwards.
  • Augmented reality on your construction sites – undergroun services – Daluz Infrastructures, and innovation developed at the Heathrow Q6 Porject.  Winners: Alejandro Pamies, Omar Loh, Karachi Ogbonna, Victoria Villanua, Pablo Malagon, Pedro Roa, Gema Díaz Caballero, and Victor Guasch
  • Webber – West Texas: less than 15 days to tear down, replace and reopen five bridges. Winners: Luis Rodríguez Tirado, Randy Nonhoff, Fernando Pellico, and Luis Amigo.
  • Thames Tideway Tunnel: Ground Refuse. WinnersGonzalo Arrieta​, Borja Trashorras​, and David Izquierdo
  • Employeer transition process (NORTHERN LINE EXTENSION). Winners: Mabel García​, Luis Rallo, Jennifer Carrick, and Nour Kasem.
  • Los Vados WWTP: use of remote augmented reality applications in the construction and comissioning of facilities. Winners: Miguel Rodríguez, Juan Miguel Perales, Carlos Cordón, Ixone Sagastagoitia, and Francisco del Molino.
  • Monitoring equipment in facilities through wireless IOT communications devices. Winners: Carlos Valero and Juan Ignacio Martínez.

Special Categories: Innovation Strategy Plan

  • New Construction & Design Techniques: Parametric design with big data engines applied to the optimization of the structure and foundation of electric towers. Winners: Fidel Saénz de Ormijana, Carlos Bajo Pavía, Marta Pérez Escacho, Félix Lorenzo Martín, José Antonio Barco Herrera, and Expedito Sánchez Mederos.
  • Best Digital Solutio: Silvertown: Think big – Digitalization from the design stage. Winners: Melania Fernández Banderas, María Fuentes Crespo​, and José Luis Rodríguez Sánchez.
  • Connected Sites: Webber: Labor-Management Platform (For real-time information tracking of all moving parts). Winners: Axel Rodríguez, Andrea Pascual​, Ignacio Ugarriza, and Riaz Baig.​​
  • Best Innovation in Health  & Safety: Digital safety tours. Winners: Joakim Schuwer, Alex Vaughan, Victoria Villanua, and  José Flors.
  • Culture, Talent & Communication: Step – Supervisor/Site Training & Experience Programme. Winners: Tony Fernández​, Raquel Hidalgo, Silvia Rodriguez Hueso, and Juan Elizaga.

Special Categories: Best of 2021

This award goes to the Ferrovial Construction project that has demonstrated its immense capacity to innovate and combine the highest technical skills, thinking creatively and opening new possibilities to do things differently, that have resulted in an exceptional execution.

  • Most innovative Business Unit of 2021: Cadagua

Cadagua is always promoting innovation and is very active in these awards. This year, they have presented more than 20 innovative actions. That’s amazing and reflects the innovative culture and proactivity of its teams. Innovation has been also a fundamental piece to become one of the leading companies worldwide in the design, building, and operation of water facilities, with very advanced innovative projects such as the application of advanced technologies for waste water treatment or the digitalization of operations and asset maintenance. Furthermore , this year they celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

  • Teo Álvarez Fadón Award for Best Young Innovator: Jonathan Weiser from Webber and Miguel Rodríguez from Cadagua

This award seeks to recognize those young talents who are starting their professional career in Ferrovial, people under 40 years of age and who have accumulated less than 10 years of experience in our company. Their development in our company, as well as their commitment to innovation, mark the beginning of a promising professional career that will be full of success.

  • Innovative Career Award: Fernando López Bueno, director of the Railway and Transport Department

Fernando is a person who not only has a deep knowledge of engineering and an extensive professional experience related to innovation, but also has demonstrated throughout these years his passion and enthusiasm for the profession. This recognition is, rather, a thank you for his collaboration and effort, for his work contribution to innovation, and for his generosity in sharing his knowledge with all of us.




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