Last days for accepting the public offering for the exchange of 6.68% of Ferrovial Agromán


Last days for accepting the public offering for the exchange of 6.68% of Ferrovial Agromán

November 27th is the deadline for acceptance

The acceptance period for those shareholders of Ferrovial Agromán wishing to accept the public offering laid down by Grupo Ferrovial ends next Saturday, November 27th. This public offering is addressed to 6.68% of the stock capital of Ferrovial Agromán and the exchange ratio is of 5 newly issued Grupo Ferrovial shares for 12 Ferrovial Agromán shares.

Dividend distribution is one of the advantages

Grupo Ferrovial has resolved to distribute an interim dividend of Pta 16.63 (EUR 0.10) per share, both to current Grupo Ferrovial shareholders and to those Ferrovial Agromán shareholders accepting the public offering. Dividend payment will take place as from January 10th 2000.

The distribution of an interim dividend is one of the advantages to which Ferrovial Agromán shareholders will opt for if they exchange their shares for those of Grupo Ferrovial. The Offering allows Ferrovial Agromán shareholders to replace their current investment with an investment in Grupo Ferrovial, a company with a significant presence in other areas of activity: infrastructure concessions, real estate, services and telecommunications.

Investing in the Groups parent company thus implies sharing in the results of all the activities developed by Grupo Ferrovial, and not just in the construction related activities concentrated in Ferrovial Agromán. Grupo Ferrovial shares included in the Ibex 35 index enjoy a greater trading capacity in the stock exchange, a fact which entails an increased liquidity for the shareholders investment.


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