• The initiative on urban mobility, Madrid in Motion, is making an international call open until March 31 for startups and innovative solutions to answer the challenges of urban mobility.
  • Ferrovial is participating in this initiative launched by the consulting firm on innovation Barrabés.biz, which also has the support of Madrid’s City Hall and EMT, and collaboration from HOCHTIEF, Banco Santander, Mastercard, Naturgy, Repsol, and Cepsa.

Ferrovial is participating in the call for startups all over the world, Madrid in Motion, an initiative that seeks to address the challenges of urban mobility, which is one of the most relevant topics today. How we get around in the cities of the future, how the new modes of urban transportation will coexist with traditional ones, and what type of strategies will be used to reduce the environmental impact are some of the questions that citizens, governments, and businesses are asking. Madrid in Motion came about to answer the challenges of urban mobility.

Improving traffic in cities, one of the challenges of mobility

The challenges posed by Madrid in Motion´s participants seek to improve the lives of citizens in something as everyday as a traffic jam. The challenge proposed by Ferrovial aims to optimize already-existing infrastructure in big cities, with the goal of achieving better traffic flow, thereby reducing congestion and environmental impact and improving citizens’ experiences. How? By using new technologies that allow us to make smarter, more dynamic infrastructure that is more connected to itself and to vehicles.

The initiative was presented during the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) celebration. Representatives from Ferrovial, the organization Madrid in Motion, and organizations that support and collaborate with the initiative participated in it.

“Madrid is the capital of new mobility, and Ferrovial is also committed to positioning the city on the cutting edge of the most innovating cities in this field, by optimizing the use of infrastructure and improving quality of life for its citizens. Mobility of the future can only be orchestrated collaboratively between the players in the field: public administration, corporations, and startups”

How to participate in Madrid in Motion

All interested startups have until March 31 to participate in the international call. They just have to go to the website and fill out the form.

Madrid in Motion by ferrovial


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