Thaumat wins Ferrovial Services & ICEX 'Urban Solutions Programme'


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The winning solution, based on wearable technology, will be implemented in a municipal services contract in the UK.
  • The winning project, focused on workplace safety, consists of a wearable solution that warns service workers when they enter a danger area, with the goal of avoiding workplace accidents. Thaumat will implement the solution in a Ferrovial Services municipal services contract in the UK. The solution will also be inserted in the company's Catalogue of Innovative Solutions.
  • The award will be presented on 16 November at the Smart City Expo World Congress, by Iñigo Jodra, Ferrovial Services Director of the Centre of Excellence for Cities, and Francisco Javier Garzón, CEO of ICEX.
Thaumat, a company in the CYS group, was named the winner in the Urban Solutions Programme held by Ferrovial Services and ICEX, Spain's national export agency, in June; the purpose of the programme is to identify innovative Spanish talent and assist with its internationalisation. The programme seeks to position Spain as a leading player in technology and urban innovation, and as the ideal partner for cities that wish to improve the efficiency and quality of their municipal services through technology. The winning solution, Safety Intelligent System, is a tool for avoiding accidents in the workplace. It is a fully autonomous system with low power consumption that is designed to be installed in a standard commercially available hi-visibility vest or other work garment. Using light, sound and vibration, it warns the wearer if anyone enters his/her safety radius. The Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology makes it possible, for the first time, to use a system of this type in any municipal service, either in the open air or in enclosed spaces, such as tunnels and underground car parks, while offering very high precision. The winner, Thaumat, will be given the opportunity to implement their solution in one of the Ferrovial Services municipal services contracts in the UK, and it will also be included in the Ferrovial Services Catalogue of Innovative Solutions, which lists cutting-edge municipal solutions from around the world. This open competition, aimed at innovative companies and start-ups, is to select a cutting-edge Spanish technology solution that enhances efficiency in municipal environmental services (e.g. waste collection, street cleaning and grounds maintenance). Over sixty innovative solutions were submitted; one of the conditions was that they had to incorporate at least one of the following leading-edge technologies: nanotechnology, electric propulsion, robotics, Internet of things, artificial vision and wearables. The winner was chosen by an Evaluation Committee comprising experts in urban innovation from Ferrovial Services and ICEX, and in the areas of local government and the academy. The prize will be handed over by Francisco Javier Garzón, CEO of ICEX, and Iñigo Jodra, Ferrovial Services Director of the Centre of Excellence for Cities, at an event to be held at the Smart City Expo World Congress on 16 November.      


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