The LBJ and NTE highways incorporate solar energy for their facilities


LBJ highway

The LBJ Express and NTE highways have implemented a series of measures to strengthen maintenance for its offices with renewable solar energy. Just as these highways are incorporating innovation into infrastructure, they now have cutting-edge facilities in line with their commitment to the environment, as well.

"Cintra is always on the cutting edge of industrial innovation, and so we've started to think about solar energy,""Now we'll be able to maximize our operational cost effectiveness by taking advantage of the long periods of sunlight in our region, and also contributing to a cleaner North Texas."

This new 200Kw DCp system is composed of 588 premium panels spread across four buildings. The solar panels reduce carbon emissions and simultaneously lower the facilities’ electricity bill. This clean solar energy will provide up to 30% of energy needs for the LBJ and NTE offices, which means significant carbon savings in the useful life of their systems (this is equal to eliminating more than 25 million kilometers or more than three million kilos of burning coal).

LBJ and NTE have joined this innovative solar energy movement, as have other companies like Google and Walmart.

Both offices have also recently been certified by the city of Dallas as Gold Level Green Businesses. This certification recognizes businesses that prevent waste generation by incorporating recycling and support for other sustainable methods.


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