The Spanish Green Growth Group hopes that the cop21 agreements can foster new economic activities


Ferrovial along with 26 other Spanish companies is part of the Spanish Group of Green Growth, a business association whose objective is to transfer to society and to public administration its vision of a model of economic growth which is compatible with the efficient use of natural resources. Recently, the group has made public  its expectations for the COP21 in Paris.

The Spanish Green Growth Group (GECV), which includes 27 companies with about 215,000 employees just within the country, believes that the agreements from the Climate Summit (COP21), which will be held in Paris in December, should be a conclusive reference in the fight against climate change, that will also invigorate the economy.

The group, which has just become a non-profit association, has issued a statement declaring the important role that innovation and technological solutions can play in helping to achieve sustainable development.

The GECV highlights the following aspects

  • All countries and all economic sectors should make a commitment to reduce emissions and endeavor to achieve this, because it is already a global problem.
  • Global warming must be limited to 2 ° C.
  • Clear long term goals are needed to reduce emissions which can then be revised at a later date. This then needs to be translated into political will and transparent regulatory signals, such as for example determining the carbon price that would trigger investments for the development of a green economy. It is also necessary to define stable and attractive frameworks that favor the R + D + i of technological solutions aimed at reducing emissions and to identify new areas of economic activity.

The Spanish Green Growth Group believes that today more than ever “is the time to act” and that public-private partnerships are essential to move towards a new development model that clearly differentiates economic growth and the increase in emissions.

The GECV, initially created in September 2014 by 18 companies, is currently made up of 27 companies which are responsible for the emission of 23 million tons of CO2 in Spain (scopes 1 and 2) in sectors as diverse as energy, finance, industry , infrastructure, services and telecommunications, amongst others.

These companies, many of them multinationals who are present in the Ibex 35, as well as various SMEs, share ambitious targets aimed at reducing emissions, whilst at the same time staying firmly committed to the opportunities presented by a low carbon economy.

Behind the constitution of the association, its objectives are to promote the activities which are necessary to convey to the general public and to all stakeholders the potential of this model for economic growth in Spain; to contribute to the generation and dissemination of the precise knowledge which is needed to trigger the necessary changes; to influence the creation of a favorable environment for the development of the model, and to serve as an important partner of the business sector associated with government, business associations, professional bodies, universities and other stakeholders, both nationally and internationally.


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