ZITY launches campaign in conjunction with 'Vicky’s Dream' in effort to raise funds to combat childhood cancer


ZITY Is Coming to New Areas and Is Changing Its Fares, Deductibles, and Zones

ZITY has launched a solidarity campaign entitled ‘Si tú paras, ellos se mueven’ (If you stop, they can move) under the hashtag #ZITYSueñaConVicky. The car sharing company encourages users to activate the Stand By rate and donate the money from these minutes towards hours of research into childhood cancer.

During the month of September the ZITY fleet will join the non-profit association El Sueño de Vicky in an effort to raise awareness regarding the importance of research into childhood cancer.

ZITY joins the fight against childhood cancer during the month of September, the international month of awareness-raising regarding the disease. From today until the end of the month the 500 cars belonging to the car sharing company will sport the colours of the non-profit association “El Sueño de Vicky” to signal the beginning of a campaign designed to raise funds for research into childhood cancer.

With more than 6 million kilometres already clocked up in rentals, ZITY is encouraging users to make a stop along their way in order to aid a worthy cause. So every time a ZITYzen activates the Stand By rate in their vehicle, they will be contributing to hours of research into childhood cancer. The company also aims to help raise awareness among its users by including informative leaflets in its vehicles in an effort to explain the reality of a disease that is the principal cause of death in children between the ages of 2 and 16. The initiative will also be promoted in the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (hashtag #ZITYSueñaConVicky) via specific actions designed to encourage users to collaborate and, as far as possible, make Vicky’s dream come true by conquering childhood cancer.

Sueña Con Vicky (Vicky's Dream)

ZITY is part of the society we live in, and we are very sensitive to the concerns of the general public. However, the pace of day-to-day living often sweeps us along and prevents us from focussing on what is really important. For this reason we are very pleased to be in a position to launch this solidarity initiative, and we encourage all ZITYzens to take an active part so that all of us can help make Vicky’s Dream come true by aiding research into childhood cancer.

Users who rent a ZITY vehicle during the month of September and activate the Stand By rate – a rate designed to keep rental of the ZITY vehicle active while the user makes stops, both inside and outside Madrid’s inner ring road (M30) – while they go to the theatre, attend a meeting or venture outside the ZITY limits, will be contributing to hours of research into childhood cancer and helping Vicky’s dream come true. Funds raised from the initiative will go to the Children’s University Hospital of Niño Jesús, in Madrid.

El Sueño de Vicky (Vicky’s Dream) is organizing a charity soccer game in support of childhood cancer research along with Santi Cañizares and Álvaro Arbeloa

The match will take place next Sunday, October 7, at 12:00 p.m. on Matapiñonera field in San Sebastián de los Reyes. The team “Santi Campeón” will bring together friends of Santiago Cañizares who will compete against “Mambo FC.” the team of YouTubers led by Álvaro Arbeloa.

Tickets are already on sale for €5, and benefits will go to the Hospital Niño Jesús in Madrid to the pediatric Brain Tumor Unit. “With this type of initiative, the only thing we want is for research to be able to continue, since it’s the only way to manage to put a stop to this problem that affects so many families. Whenever I can, I will do everything in my power to fight this illness, and I hope that this game will help to raise awareness among many people,” Santi Cañizares remarks.

This event will be the finishing touch for the campaign, “El Sueño de Vicky” (“Vicky’s Dream”), organized along with ZITY, “If you stop, they go.” ZITY will also be very present at the game as its official car.

We are aware that this is just another small step and that the road ahead is a long one, but the only way to beat childhood cancer is through research, and for that reason the raising of funds towards this end is crucial. Private businesses, institutions, and society in general must unite in the fight against childhood cancer, as it is the only way we are going to conquer a disease that is diagnosed in 1500 new cases every year.

About ZITY

The ZITY by-the-minute vehicle rental service came into operation in the Spanish capital in December of 2017 and now boasts more than 120,000 users. With a fleet of 500 Zoe 100% electric vehicles with true autonomy for 300 kilometres, ZITY stands out for being the only car sharing service with a service range of 91km2 and a reduced deductible of 90€. In addition, the company offers two types of rate, the best option being the Stand By rate, which offers the user the opportunity to make whatever stops they wish, both inside and outside Madrid’s inner ring road, the M30, without relinquishing their ZITY rental. The vehicles feature 5 doors in addition to a rear camera, integrated GPS and a multi-charger, making them a very attractive and sustainable mobility service for the local inhabitants. For more information on ZITY, visit http://www.zitycar.es/en.

ZITY carsharing in Madrid

About El Sueño de Vicky

El Sueño de Vicky (Vicky’s Dream) is a foundation that raises funds exclusively for research projects focussing on childhood cancer. Every year in Spain some 1500 children are diagnosed with cancer, and 1 in 3 succumbs, making it the primary cause of death in children between the ages of 2 and 16. Despite this, it is still considered a rare disease and receives little funding. Research is the only way to save lives. In addition, given the proper funding we can offer these children a decent quality of life once they have completed their treatment.

The foundation currently provides funding for two research projects.

The first of these is carried out in the Centre for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) in the University of Navarra and focusses on “Immuno-viral therapy for the treatment of atypical AT/RT”, a lethal type of cerebral tumour. The first phase of the project has already been funded to great success and the foundation is currently raising the funds required to carry out the second phase. The second project, towards which the funds raised from this joint action in collaboration with ZITY will go, is “The Paediatric Cerebral Tumour Unit of the Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid”, an internationally-renowned unit that focusses on treatment of the patient from the moment of diagnosis up to their reinsertion into normal life. The first phase, which consists of the placement, for a period of one year, of an oncologist in the unit, plus the total cost of a clinical neuroblastoma trial, has already been funded.

The association El Sueño de Vicky operates under the slogan “Children don’t need miracles, they need research”. For more information, please visit www.elsuenodevicky.com.


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