Cadagua and Ferrovial Construction are awarded the ozonation facility at the Venta Alta WWTP

Local news

The Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium (CABB) has awarded the TJV composed of Ferrovial Construction and Cadagua the ozonation facility at the Venta Alta WWTP.

The project’s aim is to provide this WWTP with a two-stage ozonation system: pre-ozonation and intermediate ozonation to ensure compliance with the new Directive 2020/2184 of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 16, 2020, on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

The Venta Alta WWTP is the main water purification facility in Bizkaia. With its capacity of up to 7 cubic meters per second, this facility treats the waters coming from the Zadorra system reservoirs, and it supplies drinking water to more than one million residents.

In 1986, Cadagua carried out an important part of the current water treatment facilities, the so-called second phase. Since then, the company has upheld its commitment to this unique infrastructure, including works such as fluoridation in 1990, comprehensive remodeling of the first phase in 2015, the current renovation of the active carbon filters, and the dosage of powdered activated carbon that was recently awarded.

This new ozonation system has a capacity of 40 kilos of ozone per hour. It will assist in disinfecting raw water and eliminating metals like iron and manganese, as well as organic matter and emerging pollutants. This work is part of a set of actions carried out recently by CABB. Cadagua has taken a leading role in contributing to these steps, which are aimed at ensuring the water supply in situations where the characteristics of the water treated are of lower quality than is currently treated, whether from the Zadorra or the River Nervión.


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