Cadagua starts up the first ANAMMOX® reactor in Spain at the Rubí WWTP

Local news

Installing this treatment at the Rubí WWTP is a milestone for Cadagua, and we hope that it will serve as an example for many administrations that, like us, aim to contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

The ANAMMOX® process is undoubtedly a sustainable, cost-effective way of removing nitrogen from sewage treatment plants. It entails significant energy savings compared to conventional nitrification/denitrification systems and results in a reduction in the installation’s carbon footprint. The company PAQUES, which is represented by Cadagua in the Spanish market, was a pioneer in developing the ANAMMOX® technology; today, it is a world leader with more than 40 accounts and 20 years of experience in operation.

The ANAMMOX® process is an elegant “shortcut” in the natural nitrogen cycle and is used to remove ammonium from nitrogen-rich streams, such as anaerobic digestion’s returns of biosolids generated in sewage treatment plants. These returns represent an overload that, in addition to consuming energy, puts compliance with the discharge parameters at risk.


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