Farringdon Station connects with ITH Thameslink Station


Image of Farrindong station

On the weekend of 7/8 September, the Farringdon team achieved a major milestone by connecting the Integrated Ticket Hall in a way that reveals the incredible design to the public.

The hoarding separating the existing London Underground (LU)/Thameslink station has been successfully removed opening up the future Elizabeth line station to the public eye. Detailed and thorough planning was in place to ensure a safe and successful hoarding removal within a set timeframe. Works were completed within Network Rail track possessions over the weekend with the aim to have all completed and safe for station operations on mid-September The success of this major milestone was due to the dedication and professionalism of our Farringdon team and the collaboration and coordination between BFK (Bam, Ferrovial, Kier), Crossrail, LUL and Network Rail. The efficient execution of these works was recognized by both LU and CRL leadership teams.

“I am very proud of the work of my team here at Farringdon. This amazing achievement now allows the passengers to have a bit of a flavour of what this amazing station is all about, and soon they will be able to use the Elisabeth line and considerably improve the quality of their commute. We are now focusing on the next milestones of this amazing project and I am sure we will succeed”


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