Ferrovial Services is committed to innovation in road maintenance


As part of its commitment to innovation, efficiency and workplace safety in its operations, Ferrovial Services has obtained certification of two technology innovation projects in the area of infrastructure maintenance in accordance with the UNE 166001:2006 standard: “Management of R&D and innovation for application initially in the Road Maintenance and Upkeep activity“.

The first project, entitled “New approach to road inspection using unmanned aircraft“, consists of using drones in road maintenance contracts in order to support  maintenance workers. This initiative includes operations such as surveillance, inspection, incident oversight and accident response using drones in a range of operating modes, such as BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) and VLOS (Visual Line of Sight).

Mobile Lane Invasion Alert System for Road Maintenance” (SAMIC) is the second certified initiative; it is developing a technology solution based on artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically detect situations in which a vehicle invades a lane that has been closed using cones. The goal is to protect workers performing upkeep and maintenance work on highways so that they can be safe in the event of a lane invasion. This project, developed together with startup Secmotic, was the winner of the Ferrovial Build Up open innovation program.

Cutting-edge technology to improve services

Ferrovial Services currently uses drones in a number of situations, ranging from inspecting critical infrastructure  such as roads and bridges and waste treatment plants, to power lines and gas pipelines. In addition, the company continues to research and analyse other areas where drones, including autonomous drones, might provide a competitive advantage. In the road maintenance area, the company is developing a number of initiatives such as one carried out in Poland with Skopi, a mobile app that warns drivers when they are approaching an area where roadworks are under way; it is also using virtual reality to make drivers aware of the dangers of fatigue at the wheel. More information in the Ferrovial Services information area.


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