Her Majesty the Queen visits Fundación Integra to learn about the work carried out with women victims of gender violence


fundacion integra proyecto mujeres violencia de género
María Dionis, HR Manager, together with Ana Botella, president of Fundación Integra, and Mario Garcés, Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality, have participated in a working meeting with Her Majesty the Queen at Fundación Integra to learn about the work being done to help people at risk of social exclusion, and particularly victims of violence against women, access the labour market. During the meeting, procedures followed and the profile of women receiving help were explained. For these women, a job is a critical tool which will help them out of their vulnerable situation and into a new life. María Dionis explained Ferrovial’s experience in their joint work with Fundación Integra. Twenty-one staff members from Ferrovial Services work as volunteers, and over 600 contracts have been signed with persons at risk of exclusion. Of these, 185 contracts are for women victims of gender violence. The managers and persons responsible for such contracts confirm that cooperation with the foundation has created greater solidarity within the team, greater empathy, comprehension, cooperation and awareness of the situation that some of their female colleagues find themselves in. “There is increased pride in the sense of belonging to a company that looks beyond its results and is committed to the wellbeing of society as a whole,” explains  María Dionis.

Ferrovial’s commitment to equality and the upholding of basic rights

In 2013, Ferrovial joined the campaign Enterprise for a society free from violence against women driven by the Ministry for Health, Social Services and Equality to raise awareness amongst the general public on issues of equality between men and women and respect for basic human rights, with the aim of bringing about  a society which is free from violence against women. Ferrovial’s commitment covers awareness-raising activities, as well as activities to help women who have suffered gender violence into employment, the latter in cooperation particularly with Fundación Integra. This organisation works to help vulnerable people find employment.

Action protocol against gender-based violence

Within the framework of Equality Plan II launched by Ferrovial in 2015, an internal action protocol was developed for potential cases of gender violence, with the aim of upholding the principle of equality and equal opportunities between men and women. This protocol also provides guidelines for the protection of female colleagues who may be suffering this type of violence.  


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