• Unifies the group’s websites, with a modern and innovative approach
  • Allows navigation on all types of platforms, all with friendly language
  • Adopts the claim “For a world on the move” responding to the need for sustainable infrastructure

Ferrovial has updated its global website through a platform that improves the user experience, modernizes the design and allows navigation on all types of devices. Although the content is transversal and integrated, the new website contains a high volume of local content.

The new space displays a unified corporate image of both the group and all its brands, while offering the option to navigate in a customized version that includes the company’s main markets (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Latin America). Thanks to this, users can select their region, and thus visit the local version of the page while still accessing content related to the company’s global activity. This makes Ferrovial’s global website a responsive platform, allowing you the user to navigate from a mobile device (both iOS and Android), a tablet or a computer, while complying with the main accessibility standards.

It also contains a modular, flexible and scalable site that improves the distribution of content and a search engine to help users find specific information. These improvements have been made possible thanks to the creation of a body of structured information formed by a set of categories and subcategories, which help link projects and activities. The areas of Sustainability, Innovation and Investors incorporate prominent spaces in which users can access extensive information about the company, its strategy and projects. Another significant space is dedicated to Employment, where the user can access the opportunities offered by the company worldwide. In terms of content, the new website also includes a wide range of audiovisual material, with video being one of the main communication tools.

For a world on the move

At the same time, the group has announced its new claim “For a world on the move”, with which it responds to the social need for the development of sustainable, innovative and efficient infrastructure. The claim has been put together by the agency Saffron, specialized in branding. The world is experiencing a stage of technological and demographic transformations, together with a change in mobility habits and with sustainability criteria becoming the main concern. For this reason, Ferrovial believes that this transformation opens a range of opportunities for its proposal to create value for shareholders, customers, employees and society as a whole.


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