ZITY Adds Dynamic Rates and a Driving Assistance System


  • The standard per-minute rate will stay at €26 and will range from €0.21 to €0.31, depending on demand.
  • ZITY will add ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) to its fleet

ZITY, the 100% electric carsharing service in Madrid, is implementing a dynamic rate system, which will adjust the rental price depending on demand as based on its current prices (€0.26/min) and STAND BY (€0.09/min).

Dynamic Rates

Starting now, the base price of €0.26/min will be flexible and may go up to €0.31/min at the service’s peak demand times or down to €0.21/min at slow times. In all, the price will have a range of 5 cents higher or lower, depending on demand at the time. The Stand By fare will stay at the base price at €0.09/min and range between €0.06/min and €0.12 /min, a total difference of 3 euro cents in relation to the base price.

With these new dynamic fares, the company is trying to make its fleet more attractive to users since they will be able to drive any of the 650 vehicles from €0.21, the most competitive price for electric 5 seaters.

Furthermore, if users want to get an even lower price per minute, starting at €0.16/minute, ZITY has Savings Packages of 30, 60 and 100 available on its website for users with 20, 25, and 30% more minutes, regardless of the rate when used.

Zity screenshot

Driving Assistance Systems

During the first quarter of this year, ZITY carried out a pilot project on driving assistance, adding devices to 10 vehicles in the fleet that alerted the driver about different conditions while driving (involuntary lane change alert, distance to the next vehicle, speed limit on the road, any pedestrians or obstacles on the roadway), thereby helping them have a safer ride. The results of this pilot project were very positive, as they greatly increased the active safety of users and showed a high level of user satisfaction.

That’s why the company will expand the pilot program, adding these devices to 100 vehicles that, according to the DGT, can reduce accidents by up to 57%.

Pricing policy
  • Registration fee: 0 euros
  • Per minute of driving: from €0.21 to €0.31
  • Per minute of parking (STAND BY): from €0.06 to €0.12
  • Per additional kilometer: 0 Euros
  • For starting or ending the trip outside the M40: €1
  • For starting or ending the trip at Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport: €7

Savings packages

  • Pack 30: €36 euros of credit
  • Pack 60: €75 euros of credit
  • Pack 100: €130 euros of credit

More information: Dynamic rates

About ZITY

ZITY is a project that combines Ferrovial’s capabilities in urban services and in developing solutions with respect to their surroundings with Renault’s experience as a leader in sales for electric vehicles in Europe and as a top brand on the subject of sustainable mobility. ZITY’s per-minute vehicle rental service in the city of Madrid has a fleet of 650 Renault Zoes, 100% electric vehicles that have a fuel range of 300 road miles. By using the ZITY APP, you can rent vehicles by the minute and go in and out of the ZITY Zone. By activating Stand By mode, users can pause the rental anywhere, keeping the vehicle reserved to get back to the ZITY Zone and end their rental there. Learn more about ZITY at www.zitycar.es




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