ZITY Completes De-escalation Faster Than All of Madrid's Mobility



In addition to the established measures and rules of use, the company is applying for AENOR certification for its protocol against COVID-19

On May 20, when Madrid was still in Phase 0 of de-escalation and it was still unknown when it would move to the next stage and lift movement restrictions , ZITY decided to reactivate its service in the Community of Madrid – and begin activity in Paris – with a strict cleaning protocol and rules of use. ZITY has already requested AENOR to audit it to obtain Certification for this protocol, which affects all activities carried out daily by its personnel, such as cleaning and recharging the fleet and at ZITY’s own facilities. In addition, the improvements and innovations implemented by the carsharing company – such as reducing its rates, expanding its updated zone, and flexibility with its long-term rates – have allowed it to undergo exponential growth and recover faster than all of Madrid’s Mobility.

“The spectacular response we've had from our users after reactivating our service is a sign that Madrid's residents have seen in ZITY a real, safe alternative for getting around during de-escalation. Without a doubt, the measures and processes established to continue promoting responsible mobility have been a success, and we hope to maintain the same level of response in the coming months”

During the first 15 days of the first phase of de-escalation, ZITY reached usage peaks of over 70% of normal pre-COVID activity, while in phases 2 and 3, trips were at 90% of numbers prior to deconfinement. In addition, since May 20, the weekly growth in use has been significant both in fleet use and in rental time.

With the new usage rates for one, two, and three days, the duration of trips has increased by 45% over numbers recorded in February of this year.

Excellent ratings from users

Despite the suspension of its service, ZITY has managed to maintain the high ratings it was used to receiving from its users (4.3 out of 5). The most notable aspects are: expansion of the service area, the new Gold Pin function (highlighting cars that will occasionally be promoted at the lowest price available), and flexible daily rates.

“We've received hundreds of messages of thanks and congratulations from our users, so we are very proud of the fact that they continue to trust us, and even more so now, when the fear of infection has taken hold of our day-to-day lives. Together with our employees, users are why we are here, so we will continue to strive to guarantee their safety on all their trips”

As for the expansion of the service area, the new areas where the company started to operate are quite simply a clear example of its overwhelming reception by citizens, especially in the neighborhoods of Vallecas, Usera/Orcasitas, and Rejas.

In addition, the new customer service line on WhatsApp has gotten over 5,000 messages.


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