ZITY Expands Its Fleet and Updates Its Vehicles’ Design


ZITY car

They added 150 Renault ZOE Z.E 40s, bringing the fleet to 800 100% electric vehicles with zero emissions in Madrid.

The vehicles’ new look is more environmentally friendly and reduces maintenance costs.

Madrid, January 15, 2020 ZITY announces the first developments of the year in the shared mobility sector, with the increase of the fleet and the renewal of the corporate image in its vehicles.

Fleet expansion

In February, the company will add 150 Renault ZOE Z.E 40s, the same model in its current fleet in Madrid.

The vehicles, which have a 5-star EurorNCAP rating, come equipped with:

  • A touch screen with built-in GPS and a rear-view camera
  • Proximity radar
  • Speed governor and limiter
  • 16″ aluminum wheels

The new fleet features Bridgestone tires with side impact protection bars that heighten safety and, in the case of puncture, allow the vehicle to be driven safely to parking.

All of these specifications make for the perfect fleet for shared driving in an urban environment.

New design

Despite only being in operation for two years, the company has decided to redesign its corporate image, which will apply to both the fleet and digital media where the brand is present.

Two key factors were taken into account for redesigning the fleet: environmental friendliness and cost optimization.

The new design is simpler and more modern, superficial decorative elements like the logo’s “waves” were removed, and its color was changed to give it more presence and readability.

ZITY CAR one side

This new design will generate annual savings of up to 3000 square meters of adhesive plastic each year.

In the words of Cristobal González, ZITY’s fleet manager: “Experience from the over 27 million kilometers traveled enabled us to optimize the initial design. By preserving the essence of ZITY’s design, we’ve taken key factors like the vehicles’ maintenance, appearance, and visibility into account for the new image. “

The new design helps the vehicles stand out on the road with superior customized parts (the roof, window frames, and rearview mirrors), and it allows us to optimize costs and be more sustainable by avoiding the lower areas of the vehicle, which are subjected to more impacts.

Zity Car front picture

ZITY’s company color is still green, a hue that reinforces the brand’s ecological position.

The back of the car is reserved for the website, which has changed from zitycar.es to zity.eco.

back ZITY car

About ZITY

ZITY is a project that combines Ferrovial’s capabilities in urban services and in developing solutions with respect to their surroundings with Renault’s experience as a leader in sales for electric vehicles in Europe and as a top brand in terms of sustainable mobility. ZITY’s per-minute vehicle rental service in the city of Madrid has a fleet of 800 Renault Zoes, 100% electric vehicles that have a fuel range of 300 road miles. By using the ZITY APP, you can rent vehicles by the minute and go in and out of the ZITY Zone. By activating Stand By mode, users can pause the rental anywhere, keeping the vehicle reserved to get back to the ZITY Zone and end their rental there.

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