Ferrovial's Website Wins at the European Excellence Awards and Agripina Awards


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  • The global website has been named the best website at the prestigious European Excellence Awards
  • It was also been awarded at the Agripina Advertising, Marketing, and Communication Awards

Ferrovial’s worldwide website has been recognized as ‘best website’ at two important awards ceremonies this year: the 2020 European Excellence Awards and the 2020 Agripina Advertising, Marketing, and Communication Festival.

These recognitions coincide with the global site’s launch in 2020. This new site features the company’s reimagined web strategy of achieving a unified corporate image for the brand. The global site’s various versions are customized to users depending on their region, emphasizing local content in each market.

The new website brings together the group’s different pages with an innovative approach. It also offers a better user experience, an updated design, and greater accessibility from all sorts of devices.

European Excellence Awards

At these prestigious awards, the company won in the ‘Website & Microsite’ category for the site launched in 2020. It competed against other big companies like Nestlé, Roche, and Antea Group.

It was also a finalist for the page in the category for campaigns in ‘Spain & Portugal’.

The awards, which were created in 2007, recognize the most outstanding campaigns and projects by European companies in Public Relations and Communication.

The Agripina Awards

The website was also recognized at theAgripina Communication awards. This festival is a global leader in Publicity and Public Relations, and it has been held since 2011.

More awards

The page was also recognized asone of the top three out of the top 24 publicly-traded Spanish companies this year, according to WebRanking.

Furthermore, the 2020 DirCom Awards recognized it as “Best External Digital Support”, and it was a finalist in the “Best General Digital Design” category at the Content Marketing Awards. It also received an honorable mention at the Platinum PR Awards.


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