ZITY faces its second year of activity by expanding its fleet and adding new zones


ZITY carsharing
  • In its first year, it had over 157,000 users.
  • It will add 150 new vehicles to its fleet to reach a total of 650 ZITYs
  • In the coming weeks, it will expand its services to three parts of the metropolitan area of Madrid

Madrid, December 18, 2018 – ZITY is celebrating its first anniversary of the carsharing service’s launch in Madrid, announcing new innovations for the first months of 2019, such as expansion of the fleet and its arrival in new areas in the Community of Madrid. In this first year, ZITY has had over 157,000 users covering more than 9.5 million kilometers, data that goes to show the warm welcome that this service has received from Madrilenians. These figures show that, due to the use of these 100% electric cars, the release of 1,150 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere was prevented, one of the main objectives of the carsharing company.

ZITY Carsharing

The profile of a ZITY user

According to the data collected, 80% of ZITY users are between the ages of 25 and 55, and about 69% of them are men, versus 31% being women. Fun fact: the oldest user registered on the app is 87.

After the capital, the areas in the Community of Madrid with the highest number of users registered on the app are Pozuelo, Alcobendas, Las Rozas, and San Sebastián de los Reyes.

Even though 97% of users are in the Community of Madrid, there is also a considerable number of users in Castilla y León, Andalusia, and Castilla la Mancha. And among registered European users, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium stand out in numbers.

ZITY carsharing Madrid

Trip profile

The average trip made by ZITY users lasts 26 minutes, and the percent of users that make use of the Stand By fare, which lets them park the vehicle but keep it reserved for a much lower fare (0.09€/minute) in order to resume their trip, is 18%.

Even though not enough time has passed to obtain solid data, during the first few weeks that the new mobility ordinance limiting the flow of pollutant vehicles through Central Madrid was in effect, ZITY saw a 36% increase in the number of registrations and a 16% increase in the number of rentals.

Fleet expansion, zones, and other news

ZITY continues to improve service, and is therefore expanding its fleet by 150 vehicles, which will be completed before the end of January and will bring the fleet to a total of 650 100% electric vehicles.

It has also scheduled to announce its zone expansion in the city of Madrid in the first days of the year and its arrival in 3 new areas of the Community in the following weeks.

Additionally, due to the success of Savings Packs among users, ZITY is announcing the launch of an XMAS PACK that gives them the chance to get 2×1 minutes to use between December 18 and January 8. It will be available on the company website, www.zitycar.es, starting on December 18.

Lastly, the Company is announcing its firm commitment to the safety of its users, launching a pilot program for driving assistance. This project will be conducted with 10 ZITY vehicles, which will have a driver assistance system that will inform the driver of different circumstances during the trip through a device. For example, it will alert them to nearby pedestrians, remind them of traffic signals, or warn them of the safe distance needed to the vehicle in front of them. This project will last for three months, and it will also be launched on Tuesday, December 18.

“We are very proud of the achievements made in this first year of our journey, and we are facing the new year with a lot of eagerness and new ideas. We want to continue improving our service to adapt ourselves to the needs of users of all stripes. That is the goal, so we will continue incorporating new features, new service areas, and new tools that may make using ZITY easier for all of our users.”

Zity comes to the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport

ZITY is becoming the first carsharing company to come to the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. This way, any user will be able to rent a ZITY car and finalize their rental in the established zones of the Terminal 1 and 4 Parking Lots. This service will have a related fee of 9 euros, in addition to the rental cost, which will be charged though the electronic toll system, Vía T. Likewise, to return from the airport, there is the option of taking one of the ZITY cars parked in those same areas to drive to the capital and end the rental in the ZITY zone, with no additional charge to the rental itself in this case.

To celebrate this milestone, the company is launching a special promotion valid from this Monday the 17th until Monday, December 31 (inclusive) that will let every ZITY user that parks at the airport do so for free, paying only the ZITY rental cost.

Specifically, the spots reserved for ZITYs are in Terminal 1, Floor 1 on ground-level parking lot (not express parking) and in Terminal 4 at module D on Floor 4. To answer any questions that may come up about this service, ZITY has additional information on their website and through their customer service.

About ZITY

ZITY is a project that combines Ferrovial’s capabilities in the field of urban services and development of solutions with respect toward their surroundings with the experience of Renault, sales leader in electric vehicles in Europe and a brand leader on the subject of sustainable mobility. ZITY’s by-minute vehicle rental service in the city of Madrid has a fleet of 500 Renault Zoes, which are 100% electric and have a fuel range of 300 road miles. With them, users can travel outside the ZITY zone, activating the Stand By fare to pause the rental anywhere and thereby keeping the vehicle reserved to return to the city. More information about ZITY at www.zitycar.es



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