ZITY Is Coming to New Areas and Is Changing Its Fares, Deductibles, and Zones


ZITY Is Coming to New Areas and Is Changing Its Fares, Deductibles, and Zones

ZITY is expanding its service area to San Sebastián de los Reyes and Coslada, and it is coming to new neighborhoods in the city of Madrid like Tres Olivos and Puerta del Ángel, in order to meet the needs of its over 220,000 users.

New ZITY Zone

In Coslada, the service area will include new parking reserved for carsharing. A total of 18 parking places: 6 spots around the city hall (c/ Doctor Michavila) and 12 spots in the Puerto neighborhood (around the El Olivo stadium), designated with vertical and horizontal signage.

In San Sebastián de los Reyes, the ZITY Zone will join the ZITY coverage area in Alcobendas, including an area of influence that is over 4 km² in San Sebastián de los Reyes for beginning and ending service in their free floating mode. The new ZITY Zone will provide service on the Paseo de Europa to the Hospital Infanta Sofía, the old city center, and main avenues like Luxemburgo, Reyes Católicos, and Portugal. In addition, there will be a total of 12 parking places reserved for carsharing: 4 next to the hospital, 3 at the intersection of c/ Real and c/ Álvaro Muñoz, and 5 at the municipal sports center Dehesa.

In Madrid, the ZITY Zone has been readjusted to offer its users greater vehicle availability in high-demand zones, versus the ones where usage was low. Now, the zone will expand to the neighborhood of Vallecas, reaching av. de la Albufera, and the neighborhood of Moratalaz, going to the Vinateros area to make parking easier for users. The ZITY Zone will be redrawn in the neighborhoods of Moratalaz, Hortaleza, Mirasierra, Puerta de Hierro, and Ciudad Universitaria.

You can check out the updated map here.

New Fares

The Standard fare as well as the STAND BY fare will be the same price, €0.26/min and 0.09/min, respectively, which are currently the least expensive per-minute fares in the city of Madrid for carsharing in the Renault ZOE’s category.

The flat rates for 4h, 8h, and 24h have been updated to €29, €49, and €69. The ZITY app automatically applies the best rates for the user, offering them maximum savings on any rental. Besides, Savings Packages are available on the website (zitycar.es), and the savings on those deals offer up to 30% off.

HOURS Car2Go Emov ZITY Wible
4h €29.90 €64.80 €29.00 €30.30
8h €59.80 €69.00 €49.00 €48.30
24h €179.40 €69.00 €69.00 €65.00

*Cost comparison for flat rates ZITY May 2019

Lastly, a maximum of €1 is charged for each rental starting or ending outside of the M-40, with no limits on the number of kilometers traveled.

zona zity

Dynamic Deductibles

A dynamic deductible has been added which will give all good drivers fully comprehensive liability insurance policies for €0.

After analyzing accident data and seeing that more than 40% of accidents were caused by young drivers under the age of 26, two maximum and minimum deductibles were set up based on the driver’s age.

  • Drivers 26 or older.
    • Minumum Fee €0
    • Maximum Fee €300
    • €5 discount on the deductible for every rental over €3
  • Drivers under 26
    • Minumum Fee €0
    • Maximum Fee €600
    • €5 discount on the deductible for every rental over €3


A 38-year-old driver who has completed 50 rentals with ZITY will have a deductible of €50 with the service [€300 deductible – 50 rentals x €5/rental= €50]

A 21-year-old driver who has completed 100 rentals with ZITY will have a deductible of €100 with the service [€600 deductible – 100 rentals x €5/rental= €100]

More information: New ideas for improving service

About ZITY

ZITY is a project that combines Ferrovial’s capabilities in urban services and in developing solutions with respect to their surroundings with Renault’s experience as a leader in sales for electric vehicles in Europe and as a top brand on the subject of sustainable mobility. ZITY’s per-minute vehicle rental service in the city of Madrid has a fleet of 650 Renault Zoes, 100% electric vehicles that have a fuel range of 300 road miles. By using the ZITY APP, you can rent vehicles by the minute and go in and out of the ZITY Zone. By activating Stand By mode, users can pause the rental anywhere, keeping the vehicle reserved to get back to the ZITY Zone and end their rental there. More information about ZITY at zitycar.es



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